Sustainable Glasgow and BB&T Glasgow announce 2009 location for Bounty of the Barrens Market

April 24, 2009


Sustainable Glasgow, Inc. announces that they have reached a final agreement with BB&T on a partnership which will bring The Bounty of the Barrens Market to the parking lot and green space behind the BB&T building on West Main Street in Glasgow. The “BOTB” farmers’ market concept has been one of the original goals of the members of Sustainable Glasgow since its inception in 2008. Though Sustainable Glasgow initially planned the BOTB market for the parking lot of the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center an accommodation there failed after extensive negotiations. Undaunted, the Sustainable Glasgow group found a willing partner in Debbie Livingston and the rest of her team at BB&T - Glasgow. Sustainable Glasgow’s President Dr. William Travis announced that the written agreement giving Bounty of the Barrens Market a home at BB&T was finalized this week.

The BOTB market is designed to carry on a grand tradition of a marketplace for local food and local products, produced by local people, which was initiated a few years ago by the community-minded folks at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Travis stated,

"In today’s economic circumstances it is vitally important for us to utilize the talent of the people of the Barrens and the bounty of our land to build a secure and sustainable local economy. We can no longer afford to be vulnerable to decisions made in distant corporate boardrooms. Sustainable Glasgow, Inc. is determined to jump start this new way of thinking about our local economy by bringing food producers and food consumers together for commerce in a festive atmosphere. While engaged in these satisfying exchanges market patrons can enjoy the talents of local musicians, local chefs, and camaraderie with friends. The real benefactor of this market will be the residents of Glasgow and this region that we call ‘The Barrens’.”

Already more than twenty local farmers and other producers have applied for vendor space at the BOTB market and have added to the growing ranks of members of the Sustainable Glasgow organization. The market is scheduled to open at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 30 and on each Saturday thereafter through early October. Local produce and other regionally produced goods will be available for purchase at the market. Area musicians will be on hand to entertain the crowds and local chefs will be conducting cooking demonstrations and turning some of the local produce into delicious treats for the market patrons.

Dr. Jerry Ralston, Sustainable Glasgow Vice President stated, “While the members of Sustainable Glasgow still have a lot of work to do, a lot of money to raise, and a lot to learn about running a market like the one we have planned, these are frightening economic times which call for new and bold initiatives for the community we love. The members of Sustainable Glasgow have already conquered many obstacles but we will persist in our efforts for the benefit of this community. We are determined to succeed. Our measurement of success is improvement in the life and lot of the citizens of this community and region.”

About Sustainable Glasgow:

Sustainable Glasgow, Inc. consists of hundreds of local citizens who are dedicated to the development of the theory and practice of sustainable living in the Barren County area. We seek to provide the ideas, information, education, infrastructure, and political will that can inspire and facilitate community members to bring about the systemic changes in all of our institutions necessary to create a sustainable economy for the region surrounding Glasgow, Kentucky. You can read more about our activities by visiting our website at (redirected to bounty of the barrens) You can become a member by completing a membership application available on the website and submitting the annual membership fee of $25. All membership proceeds support efforts like the farmers’ market and other local projects for the benefit of our community and region.

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Sustainable Glasgow is dedicated to the development of the theory, and practice, of sustainable living in the Barren County area. We seek to provide the ideas, information, education, infrastructure, and political will, that inspires and facilitates community members to bring about systemic changes in all of our institutions that are necessary to create a sustainable economy for the region surrounding Glasgow, Kentucky.

Sustainable Glasgow, Inc. is now approved by IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charity and all contributions to SG are tax deductible. A copy of our application and IRS certification can be found at this link

In the interest of total transparency, the PDF image below takes you to a copy of our 2016 approved budget. This helps you understand why we need to raise funds and how those funds are spent in pursuit of our mission

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