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Sustainable Glasgow Announces Plans for Bounty of the Barrens Market Permanent Home

Proposed Blueprint of Permanent BOTBM Pavillion

We are excited to officially announce that we have presented to the Glasgow City Council and were approved to start fundraising for a permanent home for the Bounty of the Barrens Farmers Market. The results of a 9 month feasibility study are in and we are so excited to share this news with you, our loyal supporters. If you would like to donate to the project all donations are tax deductible and you can do so easily on this site. Just click the Donate button and the top right of this page. Here is the story from Melinda Overstreet of the Glasgow Daily Times.



10/31/23:  Scandinavian Art Show


11/6/23:  Video Art Around The World


11/29/23:  Lecture: History of Art


12/1/23:  Installations 2023 Indie Film Festival



Sustainable Glasgow is dedicated to the development of the theory, and practice, of sustainable living in the Barren County area. We seek to provide the ideas, information, education, infrastructure, and political will, that inspires and facilitates community members to bring about systemic changes in all of our institutions that are necessary to create a sustainable economy for the region surrounding Glasgow, Kentucky.

Sustainable Glasgow, Inc. is now approved by IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charity and all contributions to SG are tax deductible. A copy of our application and IRS certification can be found at this link

In the interest of total transparency, the PDF image below takes you to a copy of our 2016 approved budget. This helps you understand why we need to raise funds and how those funds are spent in pursuit of our mission

Our Mission 
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